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#IntrobizExpo – Save the date for our Free Business Expo Pre Show Event In October…


Google Digital Garage are joining us at our FREE Introbiz Pre Biz Expo Event at CardiffCity Football Stadium on Thursday 3rd October from 9am-12pm..

* Enjoy Networking Breakfast Event.

* Meet our sponsors exhibitors members and visitors attending.

* Learn from Google Digital SocialMedia Masterclass.

* Meet all suppliers to Exhibit at Wales National Business 2019 Exhibitions.

*Learn how to stand out exhibiting and secure business deals at Exhibition.

*Meet our panel of marketing experts with live Q&A.

*Network with new Business Owners Corporate Companies and SME’s.

*Want to attend register your Free tickets below. https://www.introbiz.co.uk/networking-events/

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#IntrobizExpo -Newport Business Event…

See Introbiz Expo website for more info and to register to attend for free online.

#IntrobizExpo – Networking Event with Just Eats David Buttress…

If you’re a Welsh business there’s a fair chance you’ve heard of, or at least come across INTROBIZ. They pretty much do what they say on the tin, help business introductions. They’ve been around 10 years now so have a pretty good feel for this business networking thing. They’ve been hosting, what is now one of the UK’s largest business events, for 8 years and give businesses even more opportunities to showcase their brands, no matter what size you are. 

They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in business too. Lord Alan Sugar, Grant Cardone, Hilary Devey CBE, Baroness Michelle Mone OBE, Sharon Lecher, Mark Wright and many more. More importantly however, they’ve brought thousands of exhibitors together, hosted a number of seminars and should be very proud of the fact they have generated millions of pounds’ worth of business through these events. 

It’s not always about size either. The smaller Networking Breakfast, One Day Conferences or sporting events are equally important. These offer businesses a more intimate environment to share and talk about ideas and issues with others in a similar position.

INTROBIZ EXPO 2019 is in 3 locations this year; Cardiff, Llanelli and Newport. Cardiff’s event will be held at Cardiff City Stadium, on 14th November from 7am – 5pm. You’ll be networking with keynote speakers, celebrity guests, sponsors and exhibitors. It’s a real opportunity to secure many useful business connections and showcase your brand to over four hundred people from the business community. For details of the Cardiff event CLICK HERE.

The major event in Newport will offer you the chance to have breakfast with the man who founded Just Eat and Chairman of Dragons Rugby, David Buttress. There’ll be over 50 exhibitors from a wide range of industries, 8 keynote speakers and over 1,000 businesses expected to visit. Here at SOUTH WALES LIFE we are massive supporters of anything which helps businesses share and come together. This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your business to a wider audience across the region. If you’re an entrepreneur, aspiring business owner, consultant, coach, marketing professional, author or more, then this is a must attend event for you.

There’s a packed schedule for the day for the day

8:15am – A networking breakfast Q&A with Dragons Rugby Chairman David Buttress 


10:10am – Jordan Daykin and Alison Edgar to speak 

11:10am – Hannah Hawkshaw to speak

12:15pm – Paul Smolinski to speak 

13:30pm – James Cluskey to speak 

14:00pm – Tracey Smolinski 

14:45pm – Sabrina Stocker

INTROBIZ EXPO at the Dragons will start with a networking breakfast and Q&A with Co-Founder of Just Eat and Dragons Chairman David Buttress at 8:15am. The day itself runs through till 4pm at the Rodney Parade Stadium. There are obviously a range of tickets available, depending on what you want to do and who you want to see and hear, there are some free. If you’d like those and more details, go ahead and click FREE TICKETS HERE.

For more about Introbiz please visit – www.introbiz.co.uk

#IntrobizExpo – Wales’ National Business Expo – Newport…

See Introbiz Expo website for more info and to register to attend for free online.

#IntrobizExpo – Business Exhibition Newport for September…

See Introbiz Expo website for more info and to register to attend for free online.

Business Events In Cardiff & South Wales for September…

Introbiz is proud to be South Wales’ leading professional business network hosting regular business networking events across South Wales, the UK and internationally.

— Read more about our business networking events in South Wales on www.introbiz.co.uk/networking-events/

#IntrobizExpo – This month’s Introbiz Expo in Newport, South East Wales…

Find out more and book to attend FOR FREE ONLINE via the Introbiz Expo website .

Register online for Free to our Cardiff Business Expo In November…

Register your Free tickets to see this years amazing lineup of keynote speakers at #IntrobizExpo Wales National Business Exhibition 2019 at CardiffCity Football Staduim on Thursday 14th November 7am-5pm..

Book your seats online here..


Business Networking Breakfast in Newport, Prior To #IntrobizExpo, Newport

Please attend the Introbiz Expo Networking Breakfast at the Dragons Stadium at Rodney Parade, prior to the #IntrobizExpo…

— Read more about this fabulous Newport Business Networking Event on www.introbiz.co.uk/product/introbiz-expo-networking-breakfast-dragons/