Tomorrow’s Introbiz Networking Event at The Vale Resort Hotel 4-6pm


Hi Everyone,

Big thank to Kirsty at the Chapel bar 1877 Cardiff last week for their fabulous hospitality,
Great to see many new companies attend for the first time last week and will be joining the network to build new business connections with all Introbiz members,

Come & join us next week at….

New DATE CHANGE – Introbiz Networking Event at Vale Hotel

Due to NATO Summit the date has been moved forward for this event

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

4pm – 6pm

Vale Hotel, Hensol Park

With refreshments

This event is sponsored by
Gill Advertising

Join us at the beautiful Vale Resort in the Vale of Glamorgan. Network in this 4 star hotel in the stunning Welsh countryside. Network with corporate companies, SMEs & like minded Business owners.

Introbiz Members £10
Visitors £15

Introbiz & Cardiff Devils Business Event Launch at Radisson Blu

Thursday 11th September 2014

4pm – 6pm

Radisson Blu Hotel, Cardiff

With refreshments

Introbiz are delighted to announce our first business collaboration with Wales’ ice hockey team, proud sponsors of Wales’ biggest Business Exhibition.

Join us for the launch of the new Introbiz & Cardiff Devils Business Event. Come and network with the Cardiff Devils sponsors and meet the players at our first networking business event together.. with many more to come!

This is a fantastic opportunity to network with Cardiff Devils sponsors, new corporate companies, business owners and SMEs to make your new business connections.

Introbiz Members £10
Visitors £15

Wales’ No.1 Business Exhibition Count Down!

There is less than 5 WEEKS to go until Wales’ Biggest Business day in Cardiff!

Book your tickets today to come and network with all the business show exhibitors, sponsors & entreprenuers.

Thursday 25th September 2014

Cardiff City House of Sport, Leckwith

8am – 10am | Networking Breakfast Event sponsored by Just Cashflow

Tickets are only £12
Entry fee, buffet breakfast & refreshments catered by Spiros Caterers
Click HERE
to register to attend
10am – 5pm | Introbiz Business Exhibition

FREE to attend
See the UK’s top entreprenuers keynote speakers
200 exhibitors, 14 free seminars & free speed networking
30,000 sq ft venue with 2500 free car parking
Click HERE

for your free tickets to attend
Want to attend an event? Book your place today

All visitors are welcome to attend these events

If you would like to register please…

Or call the team on 02920 291 002
Paul Smolinski on 07920 772707
Tracey Smolinski on 07581 564371

We look forward to meeting you soon!



How to get the best out of Networking?

How to get the best out of Networking?

I attend many different networking events. I have noticed a lot of things about the way people network, the expectations that people have when networking, and what happens after the networking event.

I want you to get more business and more clients from networking, I want it to be more time and cost effective and of course to enjoy the networking experience.

So invest the time to read my tips, try them out at networking events, and see if it makes a difference to the end result.

How do I choose the  right networking group?

There are loads of different groups to try, they range from Breakfast, lunch and dinner groups, to women only, informal, formal, weekend, online and offline etc…. The most important thing is to find the group that fits you and your business.

Are the people your target audience?

Are the people attending that group the sort of people you would like to talk to?

Are the people in a position to refer clients / business to you?

Are you in a position to help and refer your clients to those people?

Are you likely to meet people that can help you grow your business?

Bear in mind, that the person who you thought may be of little value, may know the person that you have always wanted to talk to – it s amazing when you get talking to people, who they know and perhaps what a small world it is.  Try the group a few times before deciding. Your time is valuable

You have chosen the right group –Now What?


I have attended many events. It is a business event, so wear the correct business attire.

Remember first impressions are so important . People usually have an impression of you in the first few seconds – how would you like to be remembered?

I always take plenty of business cards. I am amazed at how many people forget their cards or run out of cards and end up writing the details on bits of paper. .This is not setting a professional image. Be serious and professional, and that you mean business.Don t thrust your business cards in their faces, try and wait until they ask for your cards. This means that they are interested in you.

Then when you arrive, seek out those people, ask the event organiser if they know them, and ask them to introduce you. You may want to go as far as doing some research on them and their company if you are looking at working with them, or forging an alliance. You are there to build associates and relationships.

You’re at the Meeting – Now What?


If you are completely new to the networking scene, it can sometimes be a bit daunting. Talking to complete strangers can sometimes be difficult. I would suggest enlisting the help of the event organisers perhaps. Ask them to introduce you to some people.

Ask open ended questions to get to know them, show an interest in others first, and they will then show an interest in you. Create a nice conversation environment to develop a worthwhile connection. Perhaps one of your goals for the event could be to talk to at least 6 new people that you have not met before. You will certainly need to step out of your comfort zone if you have not done it before, however remember that everyone at the event is there for the same reason to meet new people, create new business associates, and create new contacts.

I would suggest that if attending networking events for the first time, then use the first 3-4 visits to just build up your confidence, practice your questions, practice what you may say in return, try different approaches and see what works for you.

Plan your pitch beforehand. It should be concise and to the point. You should be able to communicate what it is you do, so that people can easily understand it in less than 60 seconds. Remember there will be a lot of people at the event, people do not want to  listen to people babbling on. For example someone could say they were in finance. They could also say that they helped people save for their future with the aid of pensions and other financial tools.

Have examples of people that you have worked for or are currently working with and most importantly be as specific as you can with regards to who you would most like to talk to or meet. Don’t just say I am looking to meet people in the corporate world,  as that is far too vague. Be specific – tell them you would like to be introduced to the MD / CEO or main decision makers of companies that specialise in the manufacture of a certain product.

Listening is perhaps the hardest thing. We all naturally want to tell our story. However resist this temptation. Ask other people questions about their business first, show a genuine interest in them first and what they are up to, try and create a relationship, try to really understand the other person and how you could possibly help them.

Ask them about the challenges they are facing, what projects they are currently working on, who would they like to meet given the opportunity. Ask them how you can help them, is there anyone in your network that can assist them.

Networking takes time, it is very rare to come away with a sale from attending one event. You have to build trust and rapport with that person, networking is about building relationships long term. It is an investment of time and effort. Put in the effort and you should, in time, reap the rewards.

You should view attending the event and then gaining some new contacts, as the first step in a long road. Networking can typically take 3-6 months of attending and talking and listening to people.

The key to it usually lies in the follow up after the event. It is also about credibility, would you refer a client to someone that you had only just met – I suggest not. However see them for 3-6 months, talking about the same profession, and your trust and confidence will grow.

What do I do with my business cards?


I am always asked this question. My own opinion is that I prefer to get to know the other person first, listen to them, find out about them, find out about their business, see if there is any common ground between the two of us , can you help this person, can they help you? If things  look positive then I will ask for their card. How would you feel about having a business card thrust in your face? Nobody likes that.

Whenever I attend events, I always go with the idea of how can I help people, who do I know that I can introduce this new person to, is there someone else in the room that evening, that should be talking to this person. You will certainly gain a lot more from networking with this approach than going merely with the intention of getting more business for yourself.

What do you do after the event?


I attend many events, and always follow up with people that I have met. I always drop people an email thanking them for the chat we had at the event, and following up on any activities that I promised I would. If I said I would introduce them to someone, then I do. If I promised a contacts details, then I get it to them. This is showing them that you are a person of your word and shows professionalism This is so important. In my experience very few people actually follow up after a meeting. Why chat with someone, discover all about them, discover mutual things that may benefit both of you, take their business card, and then do nothing with it. This is a shame and a complete waste of your time in attending the event. You must follow up.


What to do with old business cards


So you have attended loads of events, and your  drawer is full of business cards. . The cards then just pile up and and nothing is done with them

Bear in mind, people move on, people change jobs, there may be someone in that pile of business cards who now works for the corporate where you want to get involved.

Drop people an email every 6 months or so, asking how they are doing, are they still at the same company, are they still doing the same job, you may be amazed at the response.

Other forms of Marketing


In my opinion networking is great, however, don’t forget there are other ways to market your business that you should be using as well. It can be very easy to be occupied with breakfast, lunch and dinner on networking without any noticeable benefit.

You must constantly evaluate both the cost of attendance, time utilised and the return gained. Keep asking yourself if the group, groups that you attend are really working for you after giving them a reasonable amount of time. If not move on.


Go For It!


Networking is a great way to introduce yourself to a gathering of people. You are not there to sell anything to anyone. People in my experience do not like to be sold to and can see through that. Think that the people at the event as a way of getting your product / idea etc… to market.

Understand that you will need to be patient, it will take months to start benefiting from any contacts you have made. However it certainly is true, if you start things off by helping others, listening to others, making connections for others, then things will certainly start happening for you.

If you would like to contact me for further information on how to get more from networking please do not hesitate to contact me anytime on 07908 584569 or email me Take a look at my website to see how introbiz works, to see if it could work for you!

Top 10 Tips on How to Network

In troubled economic times such as the present, businesses are under ever more pressure to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

For entrepreneurs and companies, the clamour for new business at the front door is relentless and the need to prevent leakage through the back door is critical. The alarming costs of advertising, the bewildering array of media choices and the prohibitive fees of professional marketers mean that we must develop targeted, cost efficient strategies and methodologies to secure increased business growth. Whether you are in business and looking for new clients or an employee in a company and looking for recognition, your strategy for success has to include visibility. In a recent survey about why people get on in large organisations, 10% was because they were experts, 30% was because they had a really good ‘can-do’ attitude, and 60% was because they were visible. Increasingly, from trainees upwards, everyone is being encouraged to ‘be out there’ networking.

It is helpful to remember that networking is simply building relationships. It isn’t selling in the normal sense. In fact the two don’t mix; they are like oil and water. A simple point, but one that is missed by many uninformed networkers.

One woman who knows all about the benefits of networking is Tracey Jenkins who recently set up Introbiz – a Business Networking Club with a difference, promoting the concept of “natural networking”.

Introbiz breaks away from the norm of traditional networking for several reasons; its vibrant monthly meetings take a more informal approach and present some unique and innovative new schemes that will be available exclusively to lucky members.  

These include an Introbiz lottery – where one member each month will win an advertisement spread in a Welsh business magazine, as well as advertising for one month on the Introbiz website.  In addition, a 2 metre high brick “wall” will be at all monthly events, featuring plastic business card holder slots – the aim being that every business that attends Introbiz events can place their business cards in the wall and collect like minded companies’ cards from the wall.

Introbiz’ Director Tracey Jenkins, says;

“There’s no escaping the current financial climate. Businesses may not necessarily have the budgets they had before the recession and this is where networking comes into play. There is nothing better than speaking to people who are passionate about their business and what they do, and that’s what we want to encourage at Introbiz – we have created something a little different to the norm as we know it will appeal”

A veteran of networking herself Tracey was able to start Introbiz due to her extensive database of contacts; this combined with her vibrant personality and go-getting attitude makes for a winning combination.

Tracey has devised some Top Tips to successful networking at business events such as Introbiz, to increase a company’s chances of success:

1. If possible, find out from the facilitators of the event who will be attending and then try to recognise the trades/professions that have a synergy with your own i.e. then try to get an introduction to these people at the meeting.

2. Arrive early so that as people come in, you can, if you wish, be introduced to them or introduce yourself to them. If you are in the room already, people will come and introduce themselves to you, rather than you arriving late, having to go and join a group or interrupt a conversation that is already taking place.

3. Remember why you’re there – to network. The free food and drink might be appealing, but they’re not the reason you’re attending a networking event. Focus on business. Talk briefly but effectively, and don’t bore people! Set yourself goals, such as making three good network contacts at an event. Work the room effectively!

4. When you’re talking to someone, ask a lot of open-ended questions that require more than a simple yes or no for an answer. That starts a conversation which can lead to a good contact.

5. Always be yourself. You might not believe it, but people can easily see through a false front and that fake bonhomie. Be relaxed at network events, talk easily, and enjoy yourself and the conversation. People will remember that.
6. Keep in mind what makes your business different, what makes it stand out, and don’t be afraid to state what it can do – but without exaggeration or sounding boastful. Be realistic, but proud.

7. Make sure you are remembered. When you get a chance to introduce yourself, make sure you speak slowly and clearly so that people understand and remember your name and what it is you do, and do try to make it interesting.

8. On the basis that you network to meet new people and make new contacts, try not to stand or sit with people you already have a relationship with unless it is, of course, to further that relationship in a positive work based manner. You can always socialise at another time.

9. Wear your name badge on your right hand side so that as people shake your hand, your name badge is straight in their view rather than having to tilt or turn their head to look at the name badge on the left hand side.

10. Finally, make sure you have plenty of business cards with you. Keep your own cards in one pocket and the cards that you receive, after you have shown an interest in them, in a separate pocket. You may wish to write on the cards that you receive where and when you met the person. Just as a memory jogger for yourself for the future.

For further details about Introbiz call 0845 4347540 or visit the website at

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