Master Networking Book

Tracey – The Author

Tracey Smolinski was born and raised in Cardiff, where she grew up in a local public house. Tracey Front Cover
She spent her childhood surrounded by people, which contributed greatly to her love of people and talking to them.

Moving away from the pub, Tracey found her forte in sales and worked at many local media organisations, selling advertising. One day, her superior at the time decided to send Tracey networking to find more business. She didn’t really understand what networking was all about but went along anyway.

After three months of weekly networking, Tracey still hadn’t secured any sales and felt that it was a complete waste of time and effort. After asking for honest feedback and taking some very sound advice, Tracey decided to give networking another go, from a different angle. She went on to sell £100,000 worth of advertising space in the next six months.

The idea of Introbiz was born back in 2008 when Tracey realised that there was no distinguishable networking company in South Wales and so she decided to go it alone. In January 2009, Introbiz was born and with over 300 members from a wide range of industries and sectors, it’s Wales’ largest professional business network.

Demands for Tracey to share her knowledge and experience have grown significantly, which is why she decided to write a book to help anyone who’d like any advice when it comes to business networking. In her book Tracey also discusses the trials she’s faced as a business owner and how her own experiences have shaped the businesswoman that she is today. Master Networking: 10 Steps to Building Business Relationships for Profit and Success, explores her tried and tested methods for effective networking.

What are your networking challenges? What do you find difficult when attending networking events? sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of this page (on the Introbiz Website) and Tracey will be happy to help you.

You can also order your copy of the Master Networking book by calling the Introbiz office on 02920 291002 , emailing or by visiting Amazon to order a paperback or a kindle version of Master Networking online.

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