Introbiz Swansea & West Wales

Introbiz Ltd was founded in January 2009 by Tracey Smolinski.

Born in the heart of the recession, Introbiz is a contemporary success story.

Tracey came from an advertising background, and in 2007 she set out networking for the first time. She doesn’t mind admitting that she didn’t know how to network or what it was all about – or that, during her first three months, she got it very wrong!

As a sales executive, Tracey started with a sales approach, trying to sell to the room. ‘It didn’t work!’ she says. ‘I nearly gave up on it, but before I did, I took some very sound networking advice; “Networking is about building relationships and trust”.

Once Tracey started to network in the right way, she realised how powerful networking can be.

She went on to sell £100,000 of advertising revenue over the next six months. ‘Clearly, this was a very powerful way to increase anyone’s business,’ she says.  “I noticed that there was a niche in the market and a great opportunity to set up my own networking business.”

Tracey had always had an entrepreneurial mind, but was a working mum first and foremost.  Back in 2009, there were no networks out there that would bring together businesses and their target audiences.  Introbiz was born from Tracey’s intention to place businesses with their target audiences at five-star events and locations.

Unsurprisingly, Tracey signed up lots of new companies to the Introbiz network!  Then, in June 2010, Tracey met her husband Paul Smolinski.  Paul was a regional manager in the retail industry for over 25 years, and had vast experience running large teams across the UK.  Paul had thousands of business connections in South Wales, and he dressed many celebrities, football teams and business leaders with such brands as Hugo Boss, Canali and Ted Baker.  Paul joined Introbiz as Operations Director in 2012.

Both Tracey and Paul are proud Big Ideas Wales role models encouraging young people to think in entrepreneurial ways is relevant whether they chose to work for themselves or others. Tracey is also a member of the Professional Speakers Association.

Introbiz is now one of the most respected business networks in South Wales, hosting weekly business networking events in South Wales from Vale of Glamorgan to Chepstow and everything in between and from autumn / winter 2019 they will be offering weekly business networking events in Swansea and West Wales via the Introbiz Swansea & West Wales Franchise run by Bernie & Mark Davis.

Bernie & Mark Davies are well known Serial Business Entrepreneurs from the Neath & Swansea area, where they have been running the Jamaican Jill’s brand for over 5 years and their natural instinct to network and help other business owners and Entrepreneurs has brought them to the Introbiz Network.

About Bernie:

When Bernie Davies looks back on her life journey she recognises that a drive through Wales changed everything.

Originally from Jamaica the 54-year-old moved to Bradford in 2000 to further her career as a lawyer and progressed to being head of property for New Law Solicitors in 2009, after moving to Wales in 2006. 

Whilst in Bradford she also engaged in Charity Work with a charity she founded supporting refugees and asylum seekers. This work led her to be invited to speak at the United Nations in Geneva in 2004. 

She says: “I started my UK journey in Bradford and moved to Wales when I drove through it one day on my way to Chepstow. I couldn’t get wales out of my mind so I moved here 11 years ago and met the love of my life, Mark. The rest is history as they say.”

As part of her work she became renowned for her networking skills and ability to advise businesses to the extent that she became a sought after trainer and Speaker. 

When she met her husband, Mark Davies, they decided to go into business together and took over Buffalo Bills in Neath in 2012.

She says: “It started as just one room, Jamaican Jills, inside Buffalo Bills but proved so popular it took over.
What I wanted to do is show Jamaica in it’s true light; the food and the culture. There’s much more than just Bob Marley.”

The venture was so successful it led to the opening of a larger Jamaican Jills in Swansea in February.
She says: “People kept saying to us that we should come to Swansea. Neath was limited in capacity and the Swansea venue in the City Gates presents a greater opportunity to host greater numbers and showcase the best of Jamaican food, drinks and culture.”

Her success – she is also a published author, Dynamo Role Model, a founding Cardiff territory council member for South Wales Chamber of Commerce , Past Chair of the Neath Chamber of Trade, Past Executive Member of the Neath Town Centre Consortium  – was celebrated recently by the Black History Association Wales and Race Council Cymru with an excellence in business award; something that came a complete surprise.

She says: “How I got the award is a puzzle to me too. I was invited to the Launch of the 10th Annual Black History Month celebrations which was being held at the National Assembly, Pier Head Building. I was asked to hand out the Youth in Music Award and asked for my biography and I gave a short one. 

“When I arrived I was seated and waited and waited and then I saw the award I was supposed to be handing out being presented by one of the dignitaries. The awards section of the event was hosted by BBC Presenter Beverley Humphrey. 

“All of a sudden I heard Beverley Humphrey reading my biography and I was awarded for my excellence in business with particular reference to successfully establishing and running Jamaican Jills Neath and Swansea! I was gobsmacked to say the least!”

Bernie & Mark have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are keen to share with Business owners and Entrepreneurs from the Swansea and West Wales region of Wales and are looking forward to hosting regular business networking events, training seminars and business Expos in the Swansea and West Wales region to the benefit of all the Swansea and West Wales Business owners and Entrepreneurs.

Please keep an eye out for the Introbiz Swansea and West Wales Gala Launch Event and the regular business networking events Swansea, Llanelli, Neath and South West Wales, as well as other Business Events for Swansea, Llanelli, Neath and West Wales.

Networking Venues for Swansea, Llanelli, Neath, Portalbot, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest and West Wales

The Introbiz Swansea & West Wales Network is currently looking for partnership / member venues in Swansea, Llanelli, Neath, Portalbot, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest and other locations in South West Wales in order to host their regular weekly networking events and other business events.

If this sounds like your Venue then please feel free to email your interest to

Introbiz Swansea & West Wales Launch

We are also looking for a sponsored launch venue and partners in Swansea for our Autumn / Winter launch where many businesses from across South Wales will be in attendance for the launch of the Introbiz Swansea & West Wales Networking Franchise. If you would like us to bring this crowd to your venue or you have something else to offer the launch and would like to showcase your service to the business community in attendance then please get in touch.

If you would like to get involved or have a venue that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us on:

Introbiz Expo

As well as running a business network in Cardiff & South Wales and the new business network in Swansea & West Wales, Introbiz also run Wales’ biggest business exhibition every autumn.

Introbiz prides itself on attracting some of the largest brands in the UK as members and partners, meaning that we can connect SMEs  with the larger corporations at our weekly networking events through South Wales and West Wales.

The Introbiz Business Network consists of hundreds of company members and 250+ exhibitors as well as the thousands of visitors that have attended our hundreds of business events and business exhibitions, over the past 10 years.

“If there is someone in the South Wales business community that you would like to speak to, then we can make that happen.

Introbiz Networking In Europe…

The Introbiz Swansea & West Wales launch in late 2019 will be closely followed up by the Introbiz Sweden Franchise Launch, in Gothenburg, in early 2020.

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