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Business Networking at the New Introbiz & Dragons Business Club

Huge thank you to all the businesses that attended last nights #Introbiz and Dragons Rugby Business Club launch in Newport.

Great to see so many new businesses attending for the very first time looking for new business opportunities to meet our members and sponsors of the Dragons..

Huge thanks to Dragons Brad Hayward and MD Mike Davies for bringing the Coach Ceri Jones and Players for the live Q&A..

Thanks to our Sponsors Prodec Networks for fabulous presentation…

We are looking forward to further upcoming dates working together and our new launch of #IntrobizExpo Wales National Business 2019 Exhibitions with the Dragons Rugby Club on Thursday 19th September 9am to 4pm with host of WorldClass Keynote Speakers and Leading Brands Exhibiting..

See our plans here 👉

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Newport Networking Event for later today…

Don’t miss today’s #Introbiz & Dragons new rugby business club launch with our keynote speakers, Ceri Jones, Richard Hibbard & Lewis Evans.

Meet the Corporate Sponsors of Dragons and network with Introbiz members at this exclusive business networking event in Newport, on Thursday 7th March from 4-6pm, at Rodney Parade, Newport..

The Event is Sponsored by Prodec…

Be connected to new entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate companies & SME’s..

Want to join us? All visitors are most welcome to attend, book online here..

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Business Club Launch and Business Networking Event in Newport for this Thursday…

Don’t miss this weeks #Introbiz & Dragons new rugby business club launch with our keynote speakers, Ceri Jones, Richard Hibbard & Lewis Evans.

Meet the Corporate Sponsors of Dragons and network with Introbiz members at this exclusive business networking event in Newport, on Thursday 7th March from 4-6pm, at Rodney Parade, Newport..

The Event is Sponsored by Prodec…

Be connected to new entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate companies & SME’s..

Want to join us? All visitors are most welcome to attend, book online here..

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Business Networking Event in Cardiff, South Wales…

See April’s upcoming #Introbiz Business Events at HugoBoss Store Cardiff, Chapel 1877 Bar and Restaurant & The Vale Resort. Let us connect you to 100’s of new businesses in South Wales looking for new Business connections & relationships…

Want to join us, see further information here:

Cardiff’s leading business networking Company secures Lord Sugar for their business Expo in Cardiff…


Introbiz is Cardiff’s leading professional business network where they connect you with your target audience.

Based in Cardiff, they are passionate about bringing businesses together to build new relationships and to help grow organisations. There are over 300 members within the network, meaning there’s no shortage of connections to be made.

Introbiz host a variety of business networking events throughout South Wales, ranging from power groups networking events & social networking events to ladies’ lunche networking events and quarterly business clubs, so there’s something for everyone.

Introbiz also host Wales’ biggest business Expo annually in Cardiff where they welcome over 5,000 visitors, 200+ exhibitors, world renowned keynote speakers, seminars and workshops and hundreds of businesses at their VIP Celebrity Gala Dinner & more.

Lord Sugar announced at Introbiz Expo 2018!

Introbiz are delighted to announce that the star of BBC’s The Apprentice, Lord Sugar will be our headline keynote speaker at Wales’ National Business Exhibition at Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff! Find out more here.

Lord Sugar said: ‘I’m delighted to be invited by the Introbiz team to come along and I look forward to meeting entrepreneurs from Wales and share some of my business insights and answer their questions about business in 2018.’

Come and try the Introbiz business networking experience – Why not visit their networking events diary to see their upcoming events in the Cardiff and South Wales area.


Top Ten Networking Tips from #Introbiz

Networking is all about interacting with people to exchange information, build trust and long lasting relationships in order to develop professional or social contacts leading to additional business and opportunities.

Clearly, it is very important in the business world:

From gaining job opportunities to bringing in business for your company, networking is the key to success.

Please find 10 top tips for networking like a pro.

Dress smart and relevant for the event:

Turn up at events looking good.  You only get one chance to make a first impression so make yours a good one.

Always be prepared with business cards:

Have your business cards with you all the time. You do not know who you might meet and when, so it is therefore important for you to have your business cards with you all the time, but even more so at Business Events.

Engage with others by asking them about themselves and then their business or businesses:

Ask people about themselves as a way of breaking the ice and then find out more about their businesses.  People love talking about themselves so let them, and listen well to what they say and take an interest.  They will help you to know areas to talk to them about of mutual interest and opportunity etc.

Have a clear and concise description of what you do and why it’s of benefit to others:

Sell the sizzle not the sausage.  Tell people about what you do and what it can do to benefit them and make it short, clear and concise – like a 1 minute elevator pitch.

Don’t be afraid to tell people about your accomplishments:

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bragging a little about your accomplishments or your company to get people interested. However, do not over do it as you don’t want to appear arrogant.

Network with everyone:

There is no need to discriminate when you network. Try to network with everyone and do not forget to be friendly. This will make everyone remember you for the right reasons.  If you see people on their own introduce yourself to them and ask them about themselves.
Don’t judge people and be quick to make assumptions:

Never assume that your speaking to someone that you can’t do business with because maybe theirs not an instant fit.  You don’t know who everyone else knows and you can often be surprised so get to know everyone, build relationships and see what becomes of those relationships over time.  You might find that people can be very different to how they first appear when given time to get to know them.

Attend lots of Networking Events:

You can’t network if you are stuck in the house or the office. Attend industry and community events so that you can meet lots of people.

Make plans to follow up and then always follow up: 
When you hand over your business card, ensure that it results in something concrete as a next step. Tell the person to call you on a particular date or you can tell them to expect your call. And ensure you call.p when you say that you will.

Use social media to stay in touch following the first meeting: 

If you go business networking (and even if not) you should really be on all of the major social media platforms, and you should use them often, especially LinkedIn. 

Network with everyone in your industry that you can, and post frequently so that you stay on everyone’s minds.  

Following an event you should connect with your new contacts via as many social platforms as you can in order to stay in touch and to stay connected.

Networking Events in Wales…

We have lots of Business Networking events planned for 2018 including many afternoon events in some lovely venues.      


Please find the details for next week’s business event in South Wales…..

For more about Introbiz see the Introbiz website…


Welcome onboard our newest Keynote speaker …

Welcome onboard our newest WorldClass Keynote Speaker at the #IntrobizExpo former Wales Rugby Captain and British Lion,  Ryan Jones. Ryan will be opening the Capital of Wales’ Biggest Business Expo 2017 at the Networking Breakfast Event, at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, on Thursday 2nd November from 7am-4pm.. Buy your Networking breakfast tickets to […] […]

Top Entrepreneurs speaking at #IntrobizExpo 2017 in Wales, UK this November… (1 min read)

Speakers to expect to see at this years IntrobizExpo 2017 – our leading Welsh Business Expo! We have a wealth of speakers at the Introbiz Expo this year. We’re extremely excited to welcome BBC’s The Apprentice winner, Mark Wright to Wales, former Olympic athletes Jamie Baulch and Christian Malcolm, The Secret actress, Marie Diamond, […]

What different types of Business Networking Events in South Wales do we provide?

Hi All,

If you are looking to go business networking in South Wales then please take a look at what Introbiz can provide.  

We provide our members with 7 different types of Networking Events so are sure to have something suitable for you.


Our Business Events in South Wales include:

  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Afternoon Business Networking Events
  • VIP Social Events
  • Breakfast Networking Events
  • Ladies Lunches
  • Business Club Events
  • Business Expos

If you require any more info about any of these business events please visit our website or please get in touch.

What type of Business Event do we have coming up next?

Next up on Friday this week (24th of February), we have a breakfast business networking Event and that’s followed by a Workshop & Seminar plus VIP Social Evening both on Thursday March 2nd.

About the Business Networking Breakfast at Marriott Hotel, Cardiff
Event date: Friday, 24th February, 7:30am-9:30am

Guests will enjoy a delicious breakfast as well as an opportunity to network with each other.

Book online now via the Introbiz website.

Additional Business Networking Events in Cardiff, South Wales for March

Workshop & Seminar plus VIP Social Evening


Google Training Seminar & Business Networking Event at the Marriot Hotel and Exclusive Business Event at Hugo Boss Store in Cardiff City Centre – Thursday, 2nd March 4:00-9:00pm

VIP Social Event

Social Networking Event at Lexus Showroom, Cardiff – Thursday, 9th March 4:00-6:00pm

Ladies Lunch Event

Ladies Business Networking Lunch at the Madeira Restaurante, Cardiff, South Wales -Friday, 17th March 12:30-2:30pm

Additional Networking News

Have you registered to attend or exhibit at Introbiz Expo 2017 yet? 

For more info see

New members Neon the Entertainment and Events Venue in Newport are having their next business networking event in Newport on Thursday 2nd March with WelshBiz.
The Newport Networking Event is from 4.30pm to 6.30pm and tickets are £10, and they come with a free tickets to the Newport Comedy Night (at the same venue from 7pm to 10pm). 

You can register to attend the Newport Business Networking Event online here.

They are also having a mini business expo in Newport on Wednesday 12th April and the first 50 stands are just £50.  
You can book on to exhibit or attend the Newport Business Exhibition online now.
To book on to any of our exclusive business networking events in Cardiff, South Wales or if you have any questions about our business networking events in South Wales in general, please call the Introbiz team on 02920 291002 or email

02920 291 002 E. INFO@INTROBIZ.CO.UK