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Brainstorm your Business Workshop

Brainstorm Your Business Workshop – Introbiz

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Catch the speed networking sponsored by @123_Divorce at 11am

Business Networking Event in Cardiff, South Wales…

See April’s upcoming #Introbiz Business Events at HugoBoss Store Cardiff, Chapel 1877 Bar and Restaurant & The Vale Resort. Let us connect you to 100’s of new businesses in South Wales looking for new Business connections & relationships…

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‘Master Networking’ all the top tips…

Learn all top tips about Networking and making New Business Connections, Building Relationships and Branding & Marketing from the Best Selling Master Networking Book from #Introbiz Business Network.

Read what our business mentor co founder of RichDad PoorDad Brand & International Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter said about Introbiz…. 

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‘Master Networking’ all the top tips…

Learn all top tips about Networking and making New Business Connections, Building Relationships and Branding & Marketing from the Best Selling Master Networking Book from #Introbiz Business Network.

Read what our business mentor co founder of RichDad PoorDad Brand & International Best Selling Author Sharon Lechter said about Introbiz…. 

#entrepreneurs #entrepreneur #business #networking #branding #marketing #books #wales #uk


New Networking Events in Cardiff & The Vale of Glamorgan for 2018…

We have lots of Business Networking events planned for 2018 including many afternoon events in some lovely venues.      


Please find the details for next week’s business event in South Wales…..

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How to minimise accidents in the work place…

December 2017

Safety in the workplace is very important, and with the rising costs of worker’s compensation insurance there is a huge need to keep employees healthy and happy, and take precautions to reduce workplace accidents. The cost of workplace injuries is much greater than the compensation. No matter what sort of work industry you are in, workers have the potential to be injured. By following these tips you’ll help create a safe working environment and minimise accidents in the workplace.

Educate employers – you need to train employers about the importance of safety within the workplace, and the need to follow and employ safety measures as often as they can. For jobs that will require lifting and lots of movement, you should conduct special training to help reduce injuries.

Provide protection equipment – personal protective equipment is essential and should be enforced upon hiring. When and if needed, make sure all employees have goggles, face protection, gloves, hard hats, safety shoes, ear muffs and ear plugs.

Put someone in charge of safety – when you have discussed current safety policies with workers choose a coordinator and put together a plan. You will need to confirm with this chosen individual that they are clear of their responsibilities and you should express your support towards this person whilst planning a meeting with them on a regular basis to check everything is running smoothly.    

Company handbook – create a company handbook that compiles together the list and steps that you must take in order to prevent accidents happening at work. It should include instructions.

Keep an orderly work environment – poor housekeeping can cause very serious health and safety hazards. You should make sure the workplace is tidy and that footpaths are free from objects that could cause people to trip and fall. Keep stations tidy and free of spills too.

Monitor safety measures – once training is completed, be sure to reinforce safety measures at every given opportunity and reward those employees that abide by them and are setting standards.

If you are unsure how best to reward your employees, then check out this article by Entrepreneur on the best ways to reward your employees.

Mark dangerous areas – if there are hazards within your workplace for whatever reason then make a sign and let people know immediately.

Identify potential risks – common hazards consist of wet floors, objects obstructing floors or heavy items that could cause strain to someone’s back. These will be largely determined as potential risks, so it may become necessary for you explore every possible scenario for injury and make a list of these. 

Give the correct instructions – accidents can happen when employers skip steps in order to complete a job more quickly and ahead of schedule. You must make sure that your instructions are clear and organised to prevent mishaps from happening. 

Sanitise workstations – to help stop the spread of germs in the workplace, all surfaces and areas must be cleaned properly. Clinell wipes are a highly reputable brand, and can easily be picked up from companies such as Brosch Direct. Not only will this reduce illness, but it will also help with any unwanted spills which can cause accidents.

There are many different precautionary measures that both employers and employees should be taking, and for those that work together following safety precautions will most likely prevent future accidents.

Reserve your free business seminar in Cardiff space today…#IntrobizExpo 2017

FREE Seminars, Training and Advice

Come and enjoy FREE seminars and training at the Introbiz Expo 2017!

As a business owner, there are constant themes and trends that you must keep up with in order to develop and grow your company. 

During the event in 2017, seminars will be hosted by Google, CREO, Prodec Networks, Web Box, SuperBowl, Introbiz, Prime Objectives, Wealth for Life, FunnelCentrix, Powerful Business Academy and the Open University.

If you’re struggling with your social media, marketing strategy, Google Analytics, Exporting, Google Adwords or simply struggling to find a good work/life balance then make sure you get yourself to the Introbiz Expo to find out how we can help.

These seminars are completely free to attend and it’s advice that’ll stay with you forever.

Info & Tickets
Charles Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GA2 November 2017

9:00 – 16:00 Members: £0 Non-Members: £0

Book your Free tickets here to attend….

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Pitch Event at Introbiz Business Exhibition in Cardiff this November…

The Pitch Event This event is sponsored by The City of Cardiff Council  We are searching for the most innovative and exciting businesses in Wales.  The Pitch 2017 which is sponsored by The City of Cardiff Council in partnership with Big Ideas Wales. Now it could be your turn to take your business to the […] […]

Business Networking Events in South Wales…

If you would like to Join the Introbiz Expo or Join the Introbiz network please click the most relevant link below. If you would like to meet us at one of our upcoming business events please sign up to an event that you fancy.

Reasons to join Introbiz…


Different Types of Business Events…


Industries covered in the Introbiz network…


Plans for Introbiz Expo 2017 in November…

“The Pitch” Event

Let us introduce you to the Judges for “The Pitch” which will be an event at the Capital of Wales’ Biggest Business Expo & Conference for 2017 – the #IntrobizExpo.

The Pitch event will be sponsored by Welsh Government & Cardiff Council and is going to take place during the Introbiz Expo on Thursday 2nd November from 7am-4pm at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, South Wales.
To find out more information & enter this wonderful competition please visit –

Speakers at the #IntrobizExpo


Floor Plan for #IntrobizExpo


Types of Companies Exhibiting




Expo followed by VIP After Party


Another great event in November…

More Business Events from Introbiz | More About the Introbiz Expo 2017

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