Business Networking Franchises In Ireland

BUSINESS NETWORKING FRANCHISE IN IRELAND (Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland)…

We’ve been working hard for the last 10 years, connecting businesses, building trust and hosting unique business networking events across the country and business expos in Wales.

We have major plans to expand even further, so we’re offering successful business networking and expo franchise operators the opportunity to launch their own Introbiz Business networking & expo franchise in Your Town or City around Ireland, the rest of the UK, Europe or the World.

You’ll be providing simple and effective ongoing advice for your mutual benefit, whilst creating long-lasting, beneficial business relationships.

Introbiz is Wales’ leading independent business network and with hundreds of members from a range of industries, thousands of business associations and worked with some of the world’s leading brands and entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with Lord Alan Sugar, Grant Cardone, Sharon Lechter, Dr. John Demartini and many more.

As well as being the founders of Wales’ biggest business Expo, mini exhibitions and conferences, Introbiz have been invited to host events in Spain, France, America, Bahamas, Sweden, and Ireland.

Due to to our extensive network and experience, we’ve already secured business networking and expo franchisees for West Wales and Sweden.

Armed with our extensive knowledge, advice and support, business networking and expo franchisees will join the team behind Wales’ leading business network, to bring some of the world’s leading brands to connect with each other. Business Networking & Expo Franchisees can benefit from ongoing training and support, the licence to promote Introbiz intellectual property and marketing advice and guidance.

To find out more about how you can become an Introbiz Business Networking & Expo franchisee and how you can access 30 other networks around the world, you can send your CV to or call Paul Smolinski on 07920772707 Tracey Smolinski on 07581564371 (mentioning this blog article!).



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Business Networking Franchises In Ireland

We would love to find franchisees for our Business Networking Franchises In Ireland in the following town or cities…

  • Business Networking Franchise In Belfast
  • Business Networking Franchise In Dublin
  • Business Networking Franchise In Cork
  • Business Networking Franchise In Limerick
  • Business Networking Franchise In Kilkenny
  • Business Networking Franchise In Armagh
  • Business Networking Franchise In Dundalk
  • Business Networking Franchise In Shannon
  • Business Networking Franchise In Antrim
  • Business Networking Franchise In Mullingar
  • Business Networking Franchise In Wexford
  • Business Networking Franchise In Bray
  • And anywhere else in Ireland!

If you would like to run an Introbiz Business Networking Franchise In Your Town or City, please get in touch.

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