Introbiz Expo 2018 10 Exhibiting Tips for Wales Largest Business Expo at The Motorpoint Arena Cardiff


Top 10 Exhibiting Tips

The Introbiz Expo 2017 was a great success! But we’re already planning 2018’s main event! In the meantime, we’re giving our exhibitors our top 10 exhibiting tips and a brief guide on how you can make the most out of your exhibition stand at the Expo – if there’s anything we can help you with, just let us know!


exhibiting tips


1. Have a clear set of goals 

There’s no denying it, exhibiting is time and money. But it is imperative to the success of your business. After deciding to exhibit, you need to have a clear set of goals. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve from the Expo? Who would you like to meet? How many leads would you like to generate? Go to the Expo with these goals clear in your head and try your best to convert them in to transactions!

2. Choose a great spot

Before you head off to the Expo, make sure you pick your spot. You shouldn’t pick a stand too near to your competitors or anyone who does something similar to you. We’re more than happy to advise you anyhow when it comes to choosing your location or you can look closely at our floor plan. Usually, exhibition stands on a corner with 2 open walls are effective to attract attention as well as stands located near to the catering area. Why? Because everyone uses the facilities provided during the Expo, therefore guaranteed greater traffic to your stand.

3. Get some visuals

There’s nothing worse than a stand with a few leaflets or brochures placed in the centre of your table. This is boring and will not entice a crowd to your stand so you need to make sure you’re different from the rest. Why not invest or hire a television or some tablets to showcase your products and services? If you’re an advertising agency, use the television to show a previous project or if you’re from the health industry, bring along some tools to show everyone. This will be sure to generate interest and you can talk further about what you do. You need to stand out from the crowd, especially when there’s thousands of people you’re pitching to!

4. Present a professional image

Your stand and staff must look professional. If you have a work uniform, wear it. If you don’t, dress smartly. You’re representing your business and the way you look can speak volumes about the business you’re promoting. Make sure your stand is clean and that the promotional copy on your table is up to date. It’s also extremely important that you always have a representative on the stand. You do not want to miss an opportunity to speak to prospective customers and it’s just generally considered unprofessional to have an empty stand.

It’s also great practice to invest in your stand, especially if you exhibit on a regular basis. Invest in sturdy pop-up banners, informative leaflets or even an annual magazine to tell everyone all about yourselves.

5. Have a clear message

As a business, your message should be clear anyway. The visitors need to be able to quickly figure out what you do and whether your services could be of use to them. Keep your message simple but bold so it sticks in their minds. Your services may not be needed there and then, but in the future, you may be needed so it’s imperative that the visitors remember you.

6. Collecting data

The key aim of any exhibition is to get leads and to collate the data. The planning for this should start way before the exhibition is due to take place. Do you do collate data through collecting business cards? How do you contact potential leads following the Expo? Do you call, email or connect with them on social media. You need to plan how to sort the data as easily as possible in order to connect with them following the Expo and to potentially sell your services.

7. Run a competition

Running a competition is a great way to attract visitors to your exhibition stand and experience tells us that the more attractive the prize, the better. This is a fantastic way to collate data as it encourages people to leave their contact details. Another great way to generate interest and excitement is to hold a social media campaign. This can attract followers and interaction, increases brand awareness and a way to collate more data. Maybe hold a quiz online, or hold a business card draw at the Expo. Just remember to promote the competition!

8. Be nice

This may be an obvious point but it’s a really important one. You must smile and make the effort to engage with the visitors. Talk about your products and services by all means, but ask them about themselves, what they do and what brought them to the Expo. One more thing, don’t go in with a sales pitch. This is such a turn off. Just have a conversation with them, get to know them and slowly introduce your products and services.

9. Stay focussed

Whilst it’s important to have a chat with prospective clients, you need to stay focussed. Try to suss out the time-wasters and spend less time chatting with them. Why? You need to get the maximum return on investment. Time is money at the end of the day and it’s important that you get back what you’ve put in!

10. Follow up!

Here at Introbiz, we’re constantly telling our members to follow up with new connections. You can do this by sending an introductory email or pick up the phone for a quick chat and to perhaps set up a meeting in the near future. It’s really important though that you have a plan to do this effectively and that you don’t leave it until long after the Expo has finished to get in touch. If you did, the trail will have gone cold, therefore the sale is gone. Just to let you know, that an exhibitor actually picked up a sale worth a million pounds through following up after the Expo. Following up is key to securing business, so do it!


If you’d like to get in touch with Introbiz to discuss the exhibition, you can contact the Introbiz Team on 02920 291002 or email


Introbiz Expo 2018 Handbook



Lord Sugar, Star of The Apprentice announced as headline speaker


Lord Sugar, star of the BBC show The Apprentice and one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, will take centre stage at the Introbiz Expo 2018.

Lord Sugar said: ‘I’m delighted to be invited by the Introbiz team to come along and I look forward to meeting entrepreneurs from Wales and share some of my business insights and answer their questions about business in 2018.’

We are hosting an exclusive event ‘An Audience with Lord Sugar’ from 12:00pm – 2:15pm, where attendees can network while witnessing Lord Sugar partake in a Q&A.

This event is the only opportunity to see Lord Sugar live in the UK in 2018. Book your tickets here.



Following a day of business and networking, in the evening you can attend the VIP Charity Gala Dinner, held at the iconic Vale Resort. Join us for an evening of celebration and sparkle, while supporting our chosen charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. This unmissable event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with over 300 attendees including the keynote speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and business owners, following a productive day at Introbiz Expo. See highlights from 2017’s event with hundreds of businesses and our world-class keynote speakers.


Whether you are interested in exhibiting, speaking or visiting the 2018 Cardiff Business Exhibition, be sure to register your interest as soon as possible. Book your FREE tickets today and secure your space at what is expected to be the biggest event in the UK to date. If you need anymore convincing of why you should exhibit, click here and see our Introbiz Expo success stories from top brands such as Google Digital Garage,Yell, Virgin Money, Barclays, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Welsh Government, Cardiff Council, Climb Online, Hunter Jones and many, many more.




 22 November 2018
Mary Ann Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EQ




 22 November 2018
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff




 22 November 2018
Mary Ann Street, Cardiff, CF10 2EQ



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