Networking Advice – Dont Be A Desperate Networker…

Desperation is not a referable quality.
When people demonstrate certain behaviors whilst networking, it can be a sign of desperation. 

Here are four types of behavior that can look desperate and are best to avoid:

The Card Dealer

This is probably the most common form of desperation that you see when out networking. The Card Dealer is a person who runs around the room passing out cards like he or she is at a card table. This person doesn’t spend time really getting to know anyone (unless they think that they can get something from them). 

To the Card Dealer, networking is mostly a numbers game. The more people they can pass cards to, the better they are doing (or so they think). Card Dealers tend to have a network that is a mile wide but an inch deep because they do not spend time building relationships. This approach will never work in the long run and they just look inexperienced, frazzled and desperate.

The Space Invader

Here’s the person who thinks that the closer they get, when talking to you, the more you will be interested in what they have to say. But that’s not true. In fact, it has the opposite effect. 

So, what is the right distance to stand from someone without getting into there personal space?  The answer to this question varies based on the cultural standards of the country you are in. It’s fairly common to have conversations at roughly “arm’s length” for people that you meet at a networking event, however this distance is definitely less in some countries around the world. What’s also interesting is the issue of gender and personal space or “proxemics.” According to a Universal Journal of Psychology article, “Male-male pairs reportedly tend to interact at greater personal distances … whereas female-female pairs tend to stay closer ….”

The person guilty of giving it the Hard Sell

The hard seller is the person who confuses networking with direct selling. They meet you and immediately go into sales mode. They want you to do business with them without asking questions about you, your business, your interests or your needs. To this person, everyone is a target and every target has a pound sign on their backs. These people are the reason why many individuals don’t like to go to business networking events. They go to meetings and feel uncomfortable when these people are hassling them for business. 

The Best Friend

Following up with the people you meet at a networking event is very important. But, this must be done in a professional manner and not like a stalker. The New Best Friend is the over eager seller who, after you meet at a networking event, calls you, emails you, social media messages you and tries to become your New Best Friend in the space of just a few days. 

Generally, these people are not actually trying to help you, they simply want to sell you something too. Granted, they may want to sell you something because in their mind it’s only to “help you,” but it’s never really about you. It’s about what they want from you. Desperation seeps from their pores.

When you go business networking avoid these pit falls and behaviour types and concentrate on building relationships, while following up in a professional and reliable manner and you want go too far wrong.

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