Business Networking in Cardiff for this week…

Join us for a Power Group networking event at the Marriott Hotel!

This event is sponsored by Future Asset Management 
Come and join us at the Marriott Hotel for a power group event on Thursday 7th September from 3:30-6pm. This is a great opportunity to meet business owners, corporate companies and SME’s all looking to make even more business connections.
The sponsor of this week’s event is Future Asset Management. Ask yourself, what are the main financial issues people need to be aware of and how can they plan for them?
Future Asset Management’s highly qualified and experienced financial planners will guide you through the what, when and hows to help relieve the stress of financial unknowns.
The first hour will be used for informal networking where you’re able to connect freely with the other guests at the event. The second hour will take a more formal turn as the power group tables begin.
Each guest will be sat on a table with 9 or 10 other businesses from a range of industries and sectors. 

There’ll be an opportunity to talk about your business and what you do and at the end of the session, you’re able to hand out your business cards.
Don’t forget to follow up with your new found connections!
Spaces for this event are limited, so make sure you book your place to attend beforehand by calling the Introbiz team on 02920 291002, email or by booking online via the link below.

Hope to see you there!

Book event online now!


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