5 Top Tips what to do after exhibiting #IntrobizExpo Wales Biggest Business 2016 Expo in Cardiff. 

5 Top Tips What to do After Exhibiting IntrobizExpo Wales Biggest Business 2016 Expo.

Hi Everyone,
Exhibiting at any expo is hard work. The preparation beforehand is difficult, ensuring that you have the correct promotional products as well as coming up with an effective strategy for following up. The event doesn’t end when you’ve left the venue either, it’s when the hard work really begins.
1, Before the expo,you should’ve established an effective way for your business to follow up with all the connections you’ve made at the Introbiz Expo. It’s up to you and your business model whether you send a personalised email, or if you have a team dedicated to giving your connections a courtesy phone call following the event.ask the question how can i help you & your business?

2 Following up is imperative. If you don’t make the time and effort to follow up, it means a missed opportunity and exhibiting will seem like a complete waste of time. It also means that you have an increased chance of converting the leads you collected into sales – also meaning that you get a return on your investment with the stand.                              I see so many businesses fail at this point its so important to follow up & make appointments to visit your new connections ensure to do this.
3 Some sales can happen on the day of the event but more than likely, conversions can take up to months and sometimes years to secure the sale. However, you should remember that you need to put in the groundwork which means taking the time to build long-lasting relationships.Never give up on a new connection it could be your biggest sale to date! I remember Introbiz member waiting for 18 months but was worth the wait they landed over £1M sale at the Introbiz Expo in 2014.
4 Building relationships is the whole purpose of networking, something you’ll have done plenty of on the day of the event. Connecting on the day of the event is all well and good, but to build a credible relationship, you should arrange an initial face to face meeting at your offices local coffee shop or a lovely restaurant first impressions count. Keep the relationship going with regular meetings and show support by attending your contact’s events and connecting on social media such as Facebook LindedIn or Twitter!
5 Getting your marketing strategy right is also important. Never has the use of social media been more important for businesses. During, and indeed after the event, you should post images of your business exhibiting at the event. Connect with other businesses met at the exhibition on social media and tag them in any photos that they may be in. This way, they’re more likely to share, like and comment on the images, meaning more interaction, and hopefully followers, for you.
There’s lots of things to consider following an exhibition so make sure you have a sound strategy to making those connections which in turn, builds valuable relationships & potential new clients for the near future.
Want to see all the highlights of Wales Biggest Business 2016 Expo with over 4,000 businesses attending the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff see 100’s of photo’s online here http://expo.introbiz.co.uk/gallery/
We look forward seeing you at next Introbiz networking event in Wales here http://www.introbiz.co.uk/cardiff-business-networking-events-wales/diary/ 

Kind Regards,
Paul Smolinski 


07920 772707 


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