5 top tips every startup needs to get right in business..#Introbiz #NetworkingTip 

Hi Everyone,

Are you a new business owner who wants your venture to get off to the best start possible? It’s vital that your startup hits the ground running so that it can build momentum and have a greater chance of succeeding. Below are five things you need to get right to achieve this business goal.

1 Effective Management

As a business owner, you’re the captain of your own ship. The decisions you and your management team make will determine whether or not your business thrives. From the start you have to take control of the situation and put in place processes that will make your organisation a more professional place to work in. You and your management team also have to be able to plan ahead and avoid any of the common mistakes made by other businesses.

2 Finance and Accounting

A large number of startups fail because they have a poor cash flow or don’t manage the financial side of the company properly. Once again, you have to grab the bull by the horns from the start and get advice from financial experts who know what they are doing.
If you are in a position to hire a number of people, hiring an accountant or other financial professional on a part time or full time basis will pay for itself many times over and save you a lot of 

Almost every business starts without a customer base. This means you have to reach out to potential shoppers and customers quickly and in a professional manner. Thankfully, today’s online technologies and website creation services like those found at the http://thewebsitegroup.co.uk/, make it extremely easy and affordable to start marketing to an online audience.
Most businesses serve a local audience, so you should not ignore traditional marketing methods. Business cards, signs, local newspaper advertisements and meeting your potential clients in the flesh are all effective ways to start generating business fast.

4 Sales

Everyone in a business should be selling in one way or another. As the business owner, you need to become the leading salesperson in your business. Your sales team, customer service team and other staff need to provide a professional service and always aim to enhance the image of your organisation.

5 Communication

Poor communication in a business has the potential to eventually destroy your company. So long as there is poor internal and external communication in your business, more mistakes will be made and you won’t be able to run your business in an efficient way.
To avoid this issue, all of your staff should attend some kind of communications course. You should introduce procedures that make it easier for people to work together and you need to invest in the appropriate communications equipment.
When you start a business, you may not be aware of all the things you need to address in order to succeed. 

The areas of your business mentioned above need to be addressed as quickly and professionally as possible, so that you can focus on running and growing your new company.

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